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"nothing has ever been this true."

Mar 19, 2012 12:52pm

Mike Daisey: Yeah. We have different worldviews on some of these things. I agree with you truth is really important.

Ira Glass: I know but I feel like I have the normal worldview. The normal worldview is somebody stands on stage and says ‘this happened to me,’ I think it happened to them, unless it’s clearly labeled as ‘here’s a work of fiction.’


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Glass’s comment could be applied pretty much directly to David Sedaris’s outright lies (described as “real” in Naked and in his This American Life segments). Why didn’t those generate such outrage? Funny lies, but lies still. Maybe because Apple is a bigger target than, say, Macy’s? If Glass ever took Sedaris to task, I missed that episode. Paging Ryan Brown. [Reference]

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