Ask Jerves

"nothing has ever been this true."

May 7, 2012 3:53pm

So, here goes: yet another Kickstarter plea. I’m working on this pretty big project with the incredible folks at Focus the Nation, and we need dough to turn a basic Energy 101 primer into a kickass interactive e-version. 

Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate to ask for anything (even clicks, let alone money), but I really, sincerely think this is a really important project. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever worked on, and I think that The Watt? An Energy 101 primer could be a super useful tool for climate and clean energy advocates. 

The basic mission here is to combat energy illiteracy. The basic reason is that you can’t advocate for something you don’t understand. 

So, please, if you care a lick about one of the biggest most fundamental challenges of our time, throw a few ducats our way. Promise to make it as awesome as possible. 

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